Monday, November 21, 2011

POS on the loose

Oh really?

I think its folks like the actor in this case that are part of the reason California is in so much debt and has problems.

You big brave protester, throwing bottles into women's faces.

You're nothing more than a POS.

Man throws aluminum water bottle at UC Berkley student's face
By Stephanie Baer - The Daily Californian

A man allegedly threw an aluminum water bottle at a UC Berkeley student Thursday evening on campus, causing minor injuries to the victim’s face.

At about 5:09 p.m., the female student was approached by a man at “the northeast exterior of the Haas Pavilion,” according to a UCPD crime alert. The man asked the student if she was going to the protest on Sproul Plaza, and when the victim answered “no,” the suspect yelled at her.

“People like you are the reason that California is in debt,” he said, according to the crime alert.

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