Monday, November 14, 2011

Hill Country jailhouse rocks!

I hope they keep the old one and restore it to a museum.

I think that'd be great!

Blanco County getting new jail
By Roy Bragg - Express-News

JOHNSON CITY — For decades, the Blanco County jail remained open because of elbow grease, juggling chores and plenty of quarters.

With only seven beds, the cramped, 117-year-old facility didn't have room for washing machines. When inmate laundry stacked up, Lydia Bledsoe, sheriff's administrative assistant, threw dirty uniforms into her car trunk, grabbed a roll of quarters from Sheriff William Elsbury's desk and dashed to a coin-operated laundry.

It had very little kitchen storage, which meant jailers made a lot of shopping trips. And on busy nights, when staff and deputies were swamped, Elsbury would roll up his sleeves to wash that night's dishes.