Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'll be good, I promise. Just give us a little of it too.

Its a Bazillion Degrees here and muggy too!

No rain, hot and humid, no relief in sight and then I see this!

Bring on the snow/rain and cool weather puhleeze!

West weather turns July 4 into skier's paradise
By Robin Hindery - Associated Press

As the Fourth of July weekend kicks off, people across the West are donning shorts, bikini tops and Hawaiian shirts — and then they're hitting the slopes.

Ski resorts from California to Colorado opened for the weekend to take advantage of an unusual combination of dense lingering snow from late-season storms in the Sierra Nevada and the Rockies and a high-pressure system ushering in warm air from the east.

Resort operators were reporting large crowds, balmy temperatures and plenty of bare skin.