Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pining for the Pen

Hey, let's accommodate him.

Send him back.


Affidavit:  Man said he set fire to go back to prison
By Jazmine Ulloa - Express-News

A man who served nearly 26 years for murder admitted to setting a home on the Southeast Side on fire early Sunday, telling investigators he wanted to go back to his job at his former prison unit, an arrest warrant affidavit states.

Randall Lee Church, 46, is being held without bond at Bexar County Jail on charges of arson and a parole violation.

Church confessed to pouring gasoline through the side window of a home in the 9400 block of South Foster Road next to the residence where he was staying, according to court records. He told investigators he then threw flaming rags and paper towels into the window, watching the flames grow in intensity from his bedroom until they died out. He reignited the fire a second time, telling investigators that “if the fire would not have spread that night, he had made up his mind to set the house on fire the following day,” the affidavit states.