Friday, July 8, 2011

Gone to Perdition

Gone he is.

In all the hoopla let us not forget the teen-aged girl he brutally raped, sodomized and then bludgeoned to death; killing her and bereaving her family.  Rest in peace Adria and peace to your family.

On the other hand you are gone and you will be forgotten, Mr. Leal.

Apology not accepted, enjoy Hell.

S.A. teen's killer dies with an apology
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

HUNTSVILLE — Strapped to the gurney in the death chamber here Thursday evening, Humberto Leal Jr. used his last words to apologize to both his family and the family of his victim, a San Antonio teen.

“I have hurt a lot of people,” he said. “Let this be final and be done. I take the full blame for this. I am sorry and forgive me, I am truly sorry.”

Witnessing his execution was his attorney Sandra Babcock, his sister and three friends.