Saturday, July 2, 2011

A miracle of levitation?

Pathetic thieves.

How did they get the 1-ton units down from the roof without anyone noticing it?

3 AC units stolen from community center
Thieves removed the 1-ton pieces of equipment from the roof in two incidents within five days.
By Vincent T. Davis

When executive director Ester Geffre unlocked the doors of the Guadalupe Community Center on June 22, everything seemed fine. But when she walked upstairs, she felt heat in the air instead of an expected early-morning coolness.

She looked out the windows and saw why: Two of the center's three 1-ton rooftop air conditioning units were missing. The night before, someone had scaled a fence, climbed to the roof, hauled the units away and damaged a system estimated to cost more than $10,000 to repair.

Four days after she reported the theft to the San Antonio Police Department, thieves struck again. Geffre opened the doors on Sunday to find the remaining unit gone.