Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The end of innocence

Did she do it?

I believe she did.  The State did not prove the 1st degree pre-meditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt however.
So she was found Not Guilty; she was not found to be innocent.

A big difference.

Casey Anthony could go free after 3 years in jail
By Kyle Hightower - Associated Press
ORLANDO Fla. (AP) — A case that involved years of forensic investigation, weeks of often highly technical testimony and untold hours of media analysis turned out to be pretty straightforward for the jurors weighing whether Casey Anthony killed her toddler daughter.

Early in their second day of deliberations, the 12 men and women concluded the 25-year-old lied to investigators but wasn't guilty in her child's death.

Now Anthony waits to learn if she could spend her first night out of jail in almost three years since she was first accused in the case. She was only convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators Tuesday, and it's possible that Judge Belvin Perry could sentence her to time already served for those crimes. The four counts of lying to sheriff's deputies each carry a maximum sentence of one year.

Anthony has been in jail since her October 2008 arrest on first-degree murder

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