Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service outtage

More mayhem in one of the "Stans".

This time in Dagestan.

The folks are in an uproar!

Mobile phone mast blown up in Dagestan
The Moscow News -

On Monday evening a destroyed “Mobikom-Kavkaz” mobile phone mast was  found in Dagestan, not far from the capital Makhachkala. It had been blown up on Sunday evening with a self-made bomb of 5 kg TNT equivalent.

“The incident occurred on Sunday night, but the information about it was received only on Monday evening. A mobile phone mast that services several networks near Shamkhal-Termen village was blown up,” a source in law-enforcement told RIA Novosti.

No one was injured during the explosion. “The explosion damaged equipment. It left a crater half a metre in diameter and 20 cm deep,” the source said.