Monday, December 27, 2010

Apparently even MADD is on board with the idea

So, let me see if I understand this proposal.

A first-time DWI offender may get deferred adjudication but if they repeat the first offense; i.e. they are caught driving drunk again, the deferred adjudication 1st DWI may be used to enhance the subsequent offenses?

Sounds okay, except I would think that the circumstances of the offense, even if it is a first time DWI, should dictate whether they could or should be offered a deferred adjudication.

Groups urge Texas to fix DWI laws
By Claudia Grisales - Austin American-Statesman -

Those are some examples of what's bringing together a new coalition that includes Mothers Against Drunk Driving, prosecutors and defense attorneys who support a widespread change in how the state punishes first-time drunken drivers.

Supporter say the plan, a legislative proposal to allow deferred adjudication for first-time offenses, would ease the court backlog and improve efforts to track and punish repeat DWI offenders.
First-time offenders could be acquitted of the offense if they complete supervision and treatment. If the offense were repeated, it would become grounds to boost future punishments.