Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mom!! Did you do the laundry yet??

They deposited between 18 to 39 BILLION dollars!??

Maybe we should increase the tax on drug proceeds? (sarcasm)

Drug dealers turn to maids, moms
By Dane Schiller - Houston Chronicle

Until the moment she took $500 from a friend as payment for making a bank deposit, Gloria Cuero says she was just a church-going courthouse security guard.

But the friend was a seasoned Colombian heroin dealer, and Cuero committed a crime by laundering drug money and helping him stash dope cash.

“It happened. I have been punished and I am moving on with my life,” she told the Houston Chronicle. “Getting mad at anyone won't change anything.”

By their own admissions, Cuero and a housekeeper — who like Cuero was a Colombian immigrant living in Florida — were sucked into a money-laundering and heroin-smuggling ring that stretched from South America to Houston, Miami, New York, New Jersey and Detroit. They say they just needed some quick money.

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