Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying to save his money

I guess any money he saved will now be spent on attorneys?

Miser kills and buries injured wife to save money
From China Daily Website -

A man who had reported his wife missing in March recently confessed to killing her and burying her body near their house in Xiamen, Fujian province, "to save money that would be required for her treatment".

During a quarrel on March 18, the accused, surnamed Lin, pushed his wife, who hit her head on the doorpost. Seeing her bleed profusely, Lin admittedly hit her on the head with a hammer until she was dead.

"She was injured so seriously that it would cost a lot to treat her. I thought I'd rather save the money for our children," Lin told the police.

Lin buried his wife's body beside a road 500 meters from their house. The body has been recovered.

Lin said he refused to tell the police of his wife's death initially so that he could save the money that would be spent on her funeral.