Friday, August 27, 2010

Give the boy back

What a mess this is.

I sure hope custody is given back to the mother.  If nothing else but because the father mislead the courts here in order to get Judge Casseb to rule as he did which allowed him access to his son so he could kidnap him.

He should not profit by his misdeed bring it back to court here.

School bus kidnapping case heard in France
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

Ex-spouses embroiled in a high-profile international custody dispute met in a French courtroom Thursday for the first time since their 11-year-old son, Jean Paul Lacombe, disappeared after being pulled off a San Antonio school bus.

During the hearing, in Marseille, attorneys for Berenice Diaz of San Antonio and Jean Philippe Lacombe, who has French and Mexican citizenship, butted heads over which of them was granted final custody of the child by a Mexican court.

The three-judge panel is expected to announce its decision today.

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