Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Hero passes

As time inexorably marches on it does what man was unable to do.

Stop a man of great spirit and fortitude.

Man o' Law salutes Captain Eric Barr as he embarks on his final journey.  One we will all eventually take.

Thank you Sir for your service.

Captain Barr is pictured as a Commander in this WWII photo taken at a party in Perth, Australia.  It is  from the website

He is seated on the left, the third person from the bottom of the photo.  (Three stripes on his jacket sleeves)

Submarine commander never lost a man
By Elaine Ayala - Express-News

As highly decorated as retired Navy Capt. Eric L. Barr Jr. was during World War II, the submarine commander always said his greatest accomplishment was never losing a man.

The longtime San Antonian died Monday. He was 98.

“He was a perfect gentleman,” said Najmieh Barr, his wife of 24 years. “He had a lot of integrity and honesty, the core things he learned at the Naval Academy.”

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