Saturday, August 21, 2010

Got Goat?

Okay so what did the authorities think the four passengers were going to do with the goat when they got home?

Keep it as a pet or eat it?

Maybe they were just pre-heating him prior to the roasting?

Driver fined $100 in Va. for having goat in trunk 

BEDFORD, Va. (AP) -- A driver has been convicted of animal cruelty and fined $100 after Virginia authorities found a goat stuffed in the trunk of her car.

Bedford County sheriff's deputies discovered the goat bound and in the trunk during a drunken driving checkpoint in June.

Fiona Ann Enderby of Washington, D.C., told police she bought the goat from a farmer to give to four passengers in her car, who are from Kenya but reside in Lynchburg in central Virginia. The goat was panting heavily and animal control officers say the temperature in the trunk was 94 degrees.

The goat is now living at a Bedford County farm.