Monday, August 23, 2010

Duck and Run!

Well I would certainly expect it to.

I usually like to anticipate that I will get to finish my drink and meal without worrying if I'll be killed in the cross-fire.

Fear of drug violence hurts Ciudad Acuna
By Vivanna Davila - Express-News

CIUDAD ACU√ĎA, Mexico — Sitting in this border town's famed bar, Crosby's, sipping his second margarita, David Elliott felt safer than if he were in downtown San Antonio.

“They cater to the Texas tourist,” said Elliott, a San Angelo resident and Del Rio businessman who's been a longtime Crosby's patron.

As if to prove it, the restaurant speakers churned out a steady stream of English-language songs, including George Strait's “Blame it on Mexico,” which early on mentions Crosby's.

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