Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fake court order

Gosh, if I did something like that I'd lose my license to practice law to boot.

Seems like a little jail time should have been in order as a condition of his probation.

Man who forged court order gets probation
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

In 1991, teenager Danny Raul Gonzales caught a huge break when a judge opted to give him deferred adjudication probation for a gang-related killing, even though his four co-defendants received lengthy sentences.

On Friday, Gonzales, now 36, was given another break — this time avoiding prison for what his attorney described as a moment of “capital stupidity” spurred by a desire to protect his family from his past.

Visiting Senior Judge Pat Priest sentenced Gonzales to seven years of probation for the theft of two document stamps last September from the courtroom of state District Judge Peter Sakai.

The stamps, one of which included the signature of a deputy district clerk, were used to create a fake ruling that ordered the Social Security Administration to issue Gonzales' family new Social Security numbers.

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