Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's a tool allright

Forty Years for a stone-cold murderer.

Some will say its not enough.  Others will say its too much.

Whatever.  Justice was meted out.  I am sorry for the family of the deceased, I hope they can begin to heal.

Drawing 40-year sentence, man says he was "Devil's Tool"
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

A San Antonio man was sentenced to 40 years in prison Monday for shooting two people in the back of the head — killing one — at a high school ranch party last year.

The family of former honor student Kenneth Rene Zurita, 20, wept as Rudy Cano, 20, apologized in court for causing his death.

“It hurts to be used as the devil's tool,” Cano said, struggling to shuffle the pages of a written statement while wearing handcuffs. “Because of my irresponsible and careless actions, I will be judged today and on judgment day.”

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