Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Loose lips sink ships

Ooops!  You should've kept your mouth shut.

There's no reasonable expectation of privacy at the police station.  I bet there were even signs posted to the effect that conversations might be recorded.

Of course I am not complaining he was stupid.

Incriminating call ruled admissible in murder case
By Craig Kapitan

Despite having invoked his right to remain silent, capital murder suspect Keith Dwayne Evans couldn't seem to keep his mouth shut during a police interview one year ago.

“I thought that (expletive) was going to shoot me so I shot him,” authorities reported him saying at one point as he used a phone in the interview room.

On Tuesday, state District Judge Sid Harle ruled that jurors should be allowed to hear that statement and others when Evans' capital murder trial begins later this month.

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