Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reigning in the free-loading

After all it is our money not yours.

I do appreciate the token nod to that by returning the $5,000 in questionable expenses.

CPS Energy's CEO gives back $5,000
By Vicki Vaughan - Express-News

CPS Energy's CEO has paid the company $5,000 to reimburse it for expensive meals and entertainment that came under fire recently.

Doyle Beneby announced the payment at a CPS board meeting Monday in which board members laid out a range of no-nos for themselves and staff members, saying
the utility no longer will pay for alcoholic drinks under most circumstances.

Beneby told the board the $5,000 payment was for charges that might be questionable. “It's a gesture to make the community whole. I hope the changes mean to the ratepayers that we understand how they feel,” he said.