Friday, February 24, 2012

The baby has been split!!

The jury came back with, IMHO, the correct verdict of an equal division of the marital estate; the jury recommended he pay her $500,000 and she pay him $100,000.

Now maybe all can get on with their lives.

Jurors in Yuchnitz divorce call for a 50-50 split of property
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News

Capping two weeks of divorce testimony that put an ugly family soap opera on public display, a jury Thursday agreed that Mike and Tina Yuchnitz had inflicted severe emotional distress on each other, recommended they divide their community property 50-50 and advised a judge to let their son keep ownership of the family tattoo business.

The jury said Tina Yuchnitz deserved a greater payout than Mike Yuchnitz for the emotional distress, recommending a $500,000 payout to her from her husband, and $100,000 from her to him.

Mike Yuchnitz's attorney, Miguel Ortiz, said his client and son Noah Yuchnitz, 30, “couldn't have done better” by the jury's findings.