Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Death takes a drink

Go ahead keep blaming the paramedics, anyone except yourself.

I think the jury will come back with a guilty verdict and Katy bar the door if they assess punishment.

Injury called sure death
Ex-coroner says death was inevitable.
By Guillermo Contreras - Express-News

It didn't matter that it took two hours before paramedics rushed to treat a young woman they had decided was dead, Bexar County's former chief medical examiner testified Tuesday.

The bottom line, he said, is that Erica Nicole Smith, 23, would succumb to the massive head injury she suffered when defendant Jenny Ybarra's car collided with the car carrying Smith.

In graphic detail, paramedics testified at Ybarra's intoxication manslaughter trial that Smith — who was pinned in the front passenger seat — had a hole in her skull the size of a baseball after the crash.