Thursday, December 1, 2011

Search during trial hearing continues

I can't imagine that this will end well for the State and some of its employees.

Attorney: Trial was tainted by search
Lawyer says prosecutor rifling through defense table "unsettled" him.
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

Defense attorney Tony Reyes was in the middle of calling witnesses for his client's embezzlement trial last January when, during a jury break, a district attorney's office employee served him with a search warrant signed by a judge in another courtroom.

State District Judge Ron Rangel told Reyes to stand back as a prosecutor then began sifting through documents on the defense table, the attorney recalled Wednesday as he testified at a hearing for his client's motion for a new trial.

The tactic — in which Reyes was named a criminal suspect alongside his client on the search warrant — was so unheard of and shocking that it obliterated his ability to zealously defend his client, he and a large team of attorneys have alleged during sporadic hearings over the past month.