Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Desperate act?

I'm sure this will be "spun" by some as another example of what will happen if we don't give people food stamps or whatever.

I'm not sure why she was denied food stamps but it seems, from reading the article, that she traveled around to several states to get food stamps. 

Perhaps she should have used the energy to get a job?

Perhaps she was mentally unhinged?

In any event the children are in our prayers and I hope they pull through.

Woman shoots children, self in Laredo
By Eva Ruth Moravec - Express-News

A woman shot her two children before killing herself in Laredo on Monday night, hours after she released a man she'd held hostage in a Texas Department of Health and Human Services office, authorities said.

Laredo Police Department spokesman Joe Baeza said Timothy Grimmer, 10, and his sister Ramie Grimmer, 12, were flown to University Hospital in San Antonio with critical injuries after their mother, Rachelle Dianne Grimmer, 38, shot each of them once in the head around 11:50 p.m. Monday.

Rachelle Grimmer was pronounced dead at the scene, Baeza said.