Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tragic accident

This accident, along with me personally following a person who nearly struck my car and ran several off the road until the police caught up with us in a supermarket parking lot, brings up a question.

(I was in contact with a police dispatcher as the gentlemen kept crossing the double yellow lines and ran stop lights until he "parked" by crashing his car into some poles at in the parking lot.  He had a date of birth in 1925, as did the driver who killed the toddler.)

That question is, at what age are folks too old to drive?

Also how do we provide services to these folks if they need to get to places for groceries and the like?

Perhaps mandatory yearly driving tests say after age 75, for example should be considered?

Car hits stroller, killing toddler
Retired Colonel, 86, hospitalized after crash at Fort Sam
By Ana Ley - Express-News

The empty stroller stood next to a pool of blood amid a path of destruction left by a driver who apparently lost control of his vehicle Wednesday morning in front of the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Authorities said a 17-month-old boy was killed there about 11 a.m. when a car struck the stroller in the hospital's parking lot.

The mother, an enlisted soldier, was unhurt, while the driver, 86, a retired Army colonel, was taken to the emergency room and then hospitalized, going from guarded to critical condition late in the afternoon, officials said.