Sunday, June 26, 2011

A real dud

I had thought that the caste system in India had been outlawed or abandoned.

Apparently I must have been mistaken.

Dud caste certificates in DU admission scam
The Times of India -

NEW DELHI: A snowballing scam in fake caste certificates rocked Delhi University on Saturday leaving prominent colleges scrambling for scrutiny with admissions in full swing.

Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) certificates were apparently available easily for Rs 3 -5 lakh and even some 90 percenters seemed to have succumbed to temptation to get courses of their choice in colleges of their liking. Thirteen dud admissions have been confirmed and at least eight more are under the scanner. These students face a bleak future and their parents too will face police action. Three men who were operating the racket have been arrested.

The brazen manner in which the students secured admissions has left a big question mark hanging over DU's verification process. Even students with common Brahmin surnames managed to get into prominent colleges. An employee of the Hauz Khas tehsildar's office allegedly uploaded the certificates on the website and no one bothered to check any further. All addresses on the fake certificates were from Hauz Khas and even a cursory look at the other certificates of the student would have exposed the scam much earlier.