Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waste not, want not

I know to many this would not seem like a big deal.  It is however.

We need water to drink and for businesses.  We don't need shiny green lawns IMHO.

The picture of my lawn here will leave no doubt I ain't watering it.

Patience evaporates for water wasters
By Colin McDonald - Express-News

The suspicious yards are not hard to spot. They are the ones with water residue stains on their driveways and sidewalks and unnaturally dark green lawns for a drought.

“You can tell even in dry spots that there was run-off,” said Henry Avila, who patrols every weekday morning for the Bexar Metropolitan Water District looking for property owners who are violating the city's water restrictions. “There are quite a few telltale signs they were watering.”

Then there are the obvious ones, like the steady stream of water running from a subdivision's landscaping down the street off of Potranco Road.