Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A moment's stupidy kills 4 and ruins peoples lives

Four 55 year sentences for each count of murder under the "felony murder rule".

Sentenced to run concurrently.  I am sorry for the family as well as for the defendant who chose, unwisely, to flee from the police while intoxicated.

However if this story serves as an object lesson and prevents some other drunk person from getting into their car and driving our highways it will not all be in vain.

Selfish, selfish drunk drivers are the bane of San Antonio and Texas in general.

Drunken driver gets 55 years for quadruple murder
By Craig Kapitan - Express-News

A judge handed four concurrent 55-year murder sentences Tuesday to a drunken driver who killed four members of one family — including a 4-month-old boy — in a wreck that occurred as she was fleeing from police.

Valeri Andrews' shackled hands shook as she struggled through sobs to read aloud an apology letter to Jose Perez, who lost his wife, two daughters and a grandson during the August 2010 collision.

“Sorry just isn't good enough,” Andrews, 40, acknowledged. “I am sorry, though ... (that) I took your family away from you. If I could absorb your pain and hurt, I would.”