Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As if the rubber-chicken lunches aren't bad enough

Here's one more reason not to go on the campaign trail.

And I don't think they make bomb-proof garments yet.

BTW I don't think they make an UZI .22 caliber sub-machine gun, do they?

Mexican politicians turn to bulletproof garments
By Adam Thompson -

When it comes to bulletproof clothing, Miguel Caballero has thought of pretty much everything. For years, the Colombian entrepreneur has been producing haute couture Italian leather jackets capable of stopping every bullet from a .22 ripping out of an Uzi submachine gun to a Dirty Harry-style .44 magnum.

He has also designed bulletproof sports jackets, polo shirts, T-shirts. President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and former president Álvaro Uribe of Colombia modelled a life-saving guayabera, the loosely fitting Caribbean dress shirt with two pockets at the waist.

But even the self-styled Armani of armour felt that he had to come up with something special when he began to think about the security challenges of this year’s elections in Mexico.

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