Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hit man pleads Guilty

It doesn't sound like this fellow will be getting out anytime soon.

Good job Folks!

Hit man for Zetas pleads guilty in Laredo

He could serve life in Federal prison.
By Jason Buch - Express-News

A Zeta hit man pleaded guilty to firearm charges Friday in a Laredo federal court, admitting taking part in a 2005 killing during which members of the cartel posed as police officers.

Wenceslao Tovar, 26, admitted being the triggerman when Zeta sicarios, or hit men, tried to kidnap Nuevo Laredo native Bruno Alberto Juarez Orozco on June 6, 2005, in front of a Laredo industrial park.

According to a transcript of another Zeta hit man's interview with police, the brazen midday hit was ordered by Miguel “El 40” TreviƱo Morales, now believed to be the organization's second-in-command.