Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeeze Louise!!

Gee, I went to law school at the University of Houston.

Their mascot is a cougar.

Should that be changed too?  Why did they have cougar on the list for the students to choose if this was so offensive to them?  This really teaches the students to have faith in a system where they are told they can vote and choose the new mascot, they do that and then get told their votes don't count.

This is just ridiculous it seems to me.

Utah school board says cougar mascot too offensive to women
CBSLas Vegas -

DRAPER, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

The Canyons School District overrode the students top choice of a cougar mascot for their high school that is to be completed in 2013.

Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.

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