Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiered Internet service? Just say No!

Save the Internet!

Okay call me short-sighted or whatever but I am in the process of switching from Road Runner to AT&T's Uverse. This is in most part due to the recent announcement of Time-Warner switching to a test of a tiered Internet service program.

With three teenagers, blogging, gaming, and the occasional streamed movie or TV program I am fairly certain I would be hit by the increased costs. Heck for all I know some of my neighbors jump on my wireless net as well.

When I spoke yesterday to a Time-Warner service rep about terminating the service he was a little peeved-sounding with me. I wonder if they're getting several folks canceling their service?

His take was that AT&T is testing Internet metering in Nevada so its not like I'm not going to get hit with it. I pointed out to him that was in Nevada not here in San Antonio as Time-Warner had announced. I also pointed out to him that my contract was for unlimited Internet access. he ignored that point.

I guess contracts don't matter anymore? Just ask any AIG fellow receiving a bonus.

Now, I guess I am just jumping the shark on this but at this point the service from AT&T is going to cost me about $50 a month less. So like paying lower mortgage rates, as President Obama said, this is like a tax-cut for me.

Thank you.