Monday, April 13, 2009

Doggone it!

Other late-breaking news.

The President's daughters got their dog.

Yes, the world is relieved and over-joyed.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the puppy, a Portuguese water dog, was a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy?

You know how well he retrieves things, and people, from water.

He is cute. The dog, not Senator Kennedy.

Obama girls name dog 'Bo'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Bo? No jest. The first family has settled on a first pet - a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog that the Obama girls are naming Bo.

The selection was one of the White House's most tightly kept secrets.

President Barack Obama's daughters, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha, picked a black and white pup, a White House official speaking on the condition of anonymity told The Associated Press Saturday night.

The dog is a gift from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., who owns several Portuguese water dogs himself.

"We couldnt be happier to see the joy that Bo is bringing to Malia and Sasha," Kennedy said in a statement. "We love our Portuguese water dogs and know that the girls - and their parents - will love theirs, too."

The Washington Post reported in its online editions Saturday night that Obama's daughters chose the name Bo for the pup because first lady Michelle Obama's father was nicknamed Diddley. The name for the dog was an apparent reference to the singer "Bo" Diddley.

White House aides told the AP that the office of the first lady arranged an exclusive deal on the dog story with the Post. The officials, who demanded anonymity because of the deal with the Post on exclusive details, said the dog was not in the White House as of Saturday evening.

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