Friday, April 12, 2013

Salt of the Earth

So glad to see that other folks have "nanny-state" folks as well.

But now mayor Bloomberg will probably want salt shakers removed in New York City.

WAIT!!  Will this also include Margaritas too!

Oh the Humanity!

Mexico City tries to shake residents out of salt dependency

Capital removes salt shakers from tables of city's eateries to lower average salt intake, which is double recommended level
 The Guardian -

With governments all over the world trying to get people to eat less salt, the local authorities in Mexico City are trying a particularly direct method – removing shakers from tables.

The Less Salt, More Health campaign has the backing of the capital's restaurant owners association and sets out to encourage diners to stop and think about their salt intake by making them have to ask for it.

"We want to raise awareness of the damage that we do to ourselves when we put salt on our dishes without even tasting the food first," the capital's health minister, Armando Ahued, said at the campaign launch last week.

Ahued said approximately 31% of Mexicans have high blood pressure, and average salt intake in the country was about 11g per day. This is around double the level recommended by the World Health Organisation for healthy adults, and far higher than the diets imposed on people with hypertension – many of whom go undiagnosed in Mexico because of a general paucity of preventative medical care.

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