Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello? is this 911? I'm calling about a car I just stole....

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer was he?

I mean, okay, you're pumped up, you just stole a car, so you call 911 to brag, but to repeatedly call 911 to brag well that's just pure D stupid.

Car thief nabbed after calling 911 to brag

DULUTH, MN (AP) -- A Minnesota man is behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and repeatedly calling 911 to brag to police that they would not catch him.

Police in Duluth say the 23-year-old man stole the car Friday night, filled up at a gas station and then drove off without paying. After police received a report of the gasoline theft, an officer spotted the stolen car and tried to pull it over. But the man sped off, hitting a guardrail and turning off his lights.

Police soon found the car abandoned. It was then that the man allegedly began calling 911 from a cell phone, telling dispatchers he would not be caught because he was "smarter than the police."

Two hours later, a man called 911 to report a prowler at his home. Police arrived and found the suspect hiding in a shed. They arrested him after a short struggle.