Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh Behave!

Ummm ..... Good Luck with that.

This behavior seems to be a universally repugnant trait of many politicians everywhere the world over.

Officials' integrity vital: Xi
By Zhao Lei and Chen Xin - China Daily

Officials who are out for pleasure and love formality must be told their behavior is unacceptable and reprimanded, he said.

Party chief Xi urged officials to spend more time with the public to address their problems and concerns, and work harder to develop poverty-stricken regions.

His remarks reflected the new leadership's determination to boost the image and working style of the Party and the government.

A good work ethic and personal integrity should be the key criteria in selecting, evaluating and promoting officials, Xi said during his four-day visit to the province, which started on Saturday.

The comments came against a backdrop of a number of recent scandals that have involved officials suspected of abusing their power or embezzling taxpayers' money.

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