Friday, February 13, 2009

A timely and necessary change

Just a few days ago a young woman was killed in an apparent love triangle killing. See Fatal love triangle?

I say apparent because unbelievably the woman who omitted the murder had been divorced from her ex-husband for 5 years and the woman she killed had broken up with the ex-husband some 4 months or so earlier.

The radio this morning had the Bexar County DA, Susan Reed, discussing the need for a change to the law concerning protective orders so that 3rd parties, like the murdered woman here, could have obtained a protective order against the woman whop ultimately shot and killed her.

I have not worked with protective orders and I was unaware that someone who is a "third-party" to a relationship was unable to obtain such an order. Apparently Ms. Appleby, the deceased woman, had attempted in the past to get such an order.

Judge Reed announced her office will be working with State Representative Joaquin Castro to support a legislative bill this session to change the law to allow a third-party to obtain a protective order in a situation like this.

Man o' Law salutes the Bexar County DA, Susan Reed and State Representative Joaquin Castro for undertaking this effort to change the law to better protect the citizens of Texas.