Saturday, February 14, 2009

So much for the safety of your driveway

I had a similar moment back about 35 years ago.

I had gone to sleep when several hours later a loud crashing noise woke my wife and I up. We looked out the window and a drunken neighbor was trying to parallel park behind my car and he kept ramming into it at about 30 mph.

Pretty shocking stuff to wake up to.

Couple wakes up to shocking car scene

When night fell Thursday at the New Braunfels home of Kathy Villarose and her husband, both of their vehicles were neatly parked in front of their garage door.

But when Villarose awoke Friday morning, she found the two vehicles practically occupying the same space, twisted into each other and smashed into the front of the garage.

Villarose said she and her husband were watching TV in their house on the corner of Fredericksburg Road and Grandview Avenue late Thursday night when they hear a loud crash and screeching tires outside.

“We live right next to a stop sign, so I thought maybe someone ran it and got into a wreck,” Villarose said. “We ran outside immediately and looked out our front door to see if there was an accident.”

The front door of the house, where she lives with her husband and daughter, points away from the unlit garage. When they looked outside, they saw no damage and no wrecked car.

But when she headed outside around 8 a.m. to take her daughter to elementary school, she said she found her two vehicles — a 1996 Ford Explorer and a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche — smashed into each other.

“At first I was very confused,” she said. “Initially it was a moment of ‘OK, I haven’t had my coffee yet. What is going on?’”

Her gray Explorer sat in the driveway with a large dent in the driver’s side. It was pushed several feet from where she said it was originally parked and now jutted into the large Avalanche next to it.

“The cars were practically fused together,” she said. “I was in shock once I realized what happened.”

Villarose said the wreck couldn’t have come at worse time.

“My husband was out of work briefly and just got a new job,” she said. “With all the layoffs going on around here, this is the last thing we need. We’ll get through it though.”

Villarose said when police arrived on the scene, they found almost no evidence of the vehicle that caused the damage.

“It might have been an intoxicated driver,” New Braunfels Police Department spokesman Lt. Michael Penshorn said. “We will check with the hospital and check around their residence for any suspects.”

He said anyone with information on the wreck can call the Police Department at (830) 608-2179.