Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A different kind of horse in gym class


Second graders taking heroin to elementary school? Where did they get it?

I'd sure be talking to their parents first and hard.

Teacher finds 2nd graders in possession of heroin

Authorities say a physical education teacher at McDaniel Elementary School at 1901 S. 23 Street noticed the children in his class handling small packets containing an unknown substance.

The teacher confiscated the packets and police were notified.

The School District says the packages contained heroin.

"Those students that may have touched those objects were isolated and taken to Children's Hospital just for observation. There were no injuries or sickness that we know of," said Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore.

Authorities say one of the five students actually put the drug in his mouth and then spit it out.

Philadelphia Police South Detectives are investigating how the students got their hands on the drugs and a letter was sent to parents notifying them of the incident.

Investigators say they intend to interview the students involved in the incident and their parents.