Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do Not Enter the Naval Air Station!

I expect two things to happen:

1. The death toll will go up because the radio said this morning many of the others taken to the hospital were non-responsive; and

2. Law suits to be filed by the families against the Naval Air Station for activating their security barriers after the truck blew past the first guard station and also against the City of Kingsville.

Several suspected immigrants killed in crash
Express-News -

Six people believed to be illegal immigrants were killed and nine more were injured early today when a truck being pursued by Kingsville police made a sudden turn and crashed into a security barrier at Naval Air Station Kingsville.

“They ran past the first guard gate that was there,” Senior DPS Cpl. Charlie Ramirez told WOAI-AM. “The individual notified the second gate guard, and he activated the barrier that prevents anyone from driving onto the base. The pickup struck the barrier.”

Ramirez told the station that the victims were rushed to the hospital after the 12:30 a.m. crash. He said he didn't know where the people in the pickup were from or who was driving.

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