Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OJ part Deaux

OMG! It looks like he will he be the first person to be the defendant in the "trial of the century" in two different centuries!

Uhh, OJ I wouldn't be saying "As always, I rely on the jury system."

You got away with one criminal jury trial and you lost your civil wrongful death trial which was before a jury.

You also continue to lose in civil court regarding seizures of assets to pay those civil judgments, remember "If I did it"?

This jury from Las Vegas may not be as simpatico as the LA criminal jury was.

PS. Is it my imagination or is OJ's head looking more and more like a football these days?

Judge Orders O.J. Simpson to Stand Trial

By LINDA DEUTSCHAP Special Correspondent

LAS VEGAS (AP) - O.J. Simpson must face trial on kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges stemming from a suspected sports memorabilia heist, a justice of the peace ruled Wednesday.
Defense attorneys had argued during a preliminary hearing that the case was based on the accounts of con artists and crooks, and they asked for the charges to be dropped.
Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure ruled all charges in the 12- count complaint would remain against Simpson and co-defendants Clarence "C.J." Stewart and Charles "Charlie" Ehrlich.
"This is what we expected," Simpson told The Associated Press before he left the courtroom. "If I have any disappointment it's that I wish a jury was here. As always, I rely on the jury system."

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