Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Mo Ho Ho Ho? Ha Ha Ha

Okay, when I first heard this I thought this is it PC gone amok. Then I saw it's in Australia!

Australia, land of Crocodile Dundee, where men are men and women are Sheilas.

What? Have they become bloody poufters?

Santa, saying Ha Ha Ha?

You should excuse the expression, but Oy Vey!

Santas in Australia Not Allowed to Say "HO HO HO" but only "HA HA HA"
Why? Because it might offend some women

You heard me right. Santas in Australia's largest city are being forbidden to say "ho ho ho" this Christmas and replace it with "ha ha ha". The reason: Because the word "ho" is occasionally used in America as a derogatory word about women.
Let's make no mistake about it. I am definitely against its use as a put down or as a sexist comment and we, as Imus discovered, can become too casual when speaking it.

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