Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bond..James Bond

If he was really James Bond your ass would be dead.

BTW, IMHO no one has done Bond better than Sean Connery.

from CeleBitchy
Pierce Brosnan seems to be displaying some of his James Bond character’s wiliness – he’s not going to be charged for the alleged sucker punch he delivered to a photographer’s ribs who superficially complimented him. Personally, if you’re offering me compliments, superficial or not, the last thing I’m going to do is punch you in the ribs.

The photographer, Robert Rosen, then allegedly kicked Pierce in the stomach before fleeing the scene, possibly throwing his hands up the skies and demanding “What happened to your debonair charm? 007 is always cool and calm in the face of danger!” Perhaps he didn’t understand that Pierce was an actor taking his son out to dinner, not actually James Bond.
And while we seem to know the details of the October 26 incident, it seems the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department is not so well informed.

“After a complete review of the investigation done by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, there is insufficient evidence to prove this case to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt,” Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney James Garrison said in court papers.
[From Reuters]

I’m glad that the matter isn’t going to be pursued, it seems like something of a waste of valuable court time. I actually like Pierce Brosnan’s Films so I’d be a little sorry if they were put on hiatus. He is scheduled to appear in The Thomas Crown Affair 2 next year, but it’s listed as being in pre-production and could possibly be delayed by the writer’s strike. Filming is said to start in January of next year.