Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nice Doggy, Doggy....Bang!

Dog murdering?

Hey, don't forget to file a civil rights violation.
Darn dog probably ate someone's homework too.

Family Shocked, Outraged after Deputy Shoots Pet Dog in their Yard

A Teton County, Idaho family is outraged after they say a sheriff's deputy tried to murder their dog in their own front yard.The Barboza family has owned their dog Bobby for five years. A few days ago they say a Teton County Idaho Sheriff's Deputy knocked on their door demanding to see the dog.

Leonel Barboza, Dog Owner: "He says, 'I'm here to put him down. I'm here to kill him.'"The officer told Leo Barboza there had been a complaint Bobby had bitten someone.

Barboza: "I said, 'Do you have any proof or anything?' He says, 'I don't need any proof.'"

Doggone it, more below: