Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The big chill

Wow, I mean really wow.

Someone has kidnapped the 9th Circuit Justices and replaced them with look-alike clones; that could be the only reasonable explanation for their ruling.

The U.S. Supreme Court? nevermind, I think they're off base on this one big time.

Justices uphold welfare home searches

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court rejected a challenge today to San Diego County's practice of routinely searching welfare applicants' homes without warrants and ruling out assistance for those who refuse to let them in.

The justices refused, without comment, to intervene in the case from San Diego County, where investigators from the District Attorney's Office show up unannounced at applicants' homes and conduct searches that include peeking into closets and cabinets. The visits do not require any suspicion of fraud and are intended to confirm that people are eligible for government aid.

Failure to submit to the searches, which can last an hour, disqualifies applicants from assistance.

More chilling below: