Thursday, February 14, 2008

What? Was it made outta gold?

Hey for 54 Million bucks I'll take them a perfectively good, working laptop and ask them to lose it!

I'm just sayin'

Lost laptop? Sue for millions!

Is your laptop worth $54 million? Raelyn Campbell of Washington, D.C., is suing Richfield-based Best Buy for that amount after it lost her laptop computer while it was in for repairs.

Campbell, who could not be reached Tuesday, filed a negligence lawsuit suit against the company in Washington Superior Court on Nov. 16, seeking fair compensation for replacement of the $1,100 computer and extended warranty, plus expenses related to identity theft protection.
Best Buy spokeswoman Nissa French said in an e-mail that Campbell "was offered and collected $1,110.35" as well as "a $500 gift card for her inconvenience."

According to Campbell's blog at, Geek Squad employees spent three months telling her different stories about where her laptop might be before finally acknowledging that it had been lost.

Campbell said that she doesn’t really expect to get $54 million, but chose the amount to attract attention to her case. It’s the same amount a D.C. judge sought against a dry cleaner last year that lost a pair of his pants.

Melissa Ngo , senior counsel with the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, D.C., wasn’t familiar with Campbell’s case but said consumers need to get smart about protecting their data to avoid such situations.

“As more of our lives get put into electronics, these issues of privacy and security are going to become more common,” said Ngo. “People don’t want to take the few extra minutes of inconvenience, but they need to encrypt their data and back it up.