Friday, February 22, 2008

Down for the count

An end to the sad tale, except of course the appeals process which could take a few years give or take.

Lawyer-wife sentenced to 10 years' probation
Guillermo ContrerasExpress-News

An attorney who schemed with her lawyer-husband to extort thousands of dollars from her paramours will have to serve 10 years' probation and 400 hours of community service, a judge ruled Thursday.

Amid tears, Mary S. Roberts pleaded for leniency from 226th District Judge Sid Harle so she could remain at home with her youngest child, age 11.

Recognizing she had committed a sin, Roberts said: "The consequences of that sin will be borne by my children ... and my parents. They have suffered."
Roberts had opted to be sentenced by the judge instead of by the jury that convicted her of all five counts of theft at her weeklong trial in December.

Her husband, Ted H. Roberts, was convicted of three of five theft counts last March, and Harle sentenced him to five years in prison. He has appealed and is out on bond.

His law license was suspended pending the appeal, a fate Mary Roberts now faces as well. Her attorneys said they plan to appeal her conviction.