Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Yup, all they seem to learn is how to do more crime.

Its like sending them away to a private school.

Not so nice to see you again

Elizabeth Allen: San Antonio Express News

Prosecutor Jan Ischy had just wrapped up two murder pleas in the 187th District Court involving young men who couldn't even buy a legal drink when they shot another young man in a confrontation that may have arisen from their intent to rob him, but nobody seemed sure.

Ischy and fellow lawyers were talking about how hard it was to watch such young people throw their lives away, and she remarked that she must have developed a soft spot for troubled kids as a juvenile prosecutor, which she was until recently.

That's when another lawyer noted that Ischy knew one of the young men sentenced today from her days in juvie.

Ischy confirmed that, but would not say which, citing the privacy of juvenile records.
He wasn't the first familiar face, though.

"My first day over here, I said, 'Hey, that guy looks familiar,'" she said, sizing up up the inmates lined up in the box, in grownup orange instead of juvie blue. The young man recognized her as well, she said.

Ischy will probably get used to it. District Judge Juanita Vasquez-Gardner has relayed tales of seeing defendants graduate from juvie to felony court, and Senior District Judge Pat Priest last year after a murder sentence remarked that he'd recognized the defendant as the son of a well-known local tough guy.