Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drugs made him to it

Its a shame to have your career end this way. If it was drugs etc. that made you do it look at your doctors and see if they overprescribed your meds.

Hope you get well. Don't do drugs.

Controversial Texas DA Resigns, Saying Prescription Drugs Impaired His Judgment
E-mail scandal was among the latest of Chuck Rosenthal's woes

After he was snared in a net of swirling controversies including an e-mail scandal and the high-profile indictment of a sitting Supreme Court justice followed by an immediate move to dismiss that case, Harris County, Texas, District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal resigned from office on Friday.

In a press release he sent out that same day, Rosenthal said prescription drugs had impaired his judgment.

"Although I have enjoyed excellent medical and pharmacological treatment, I have come to learn that the particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment," Rosenthal wrote. "This position is much too important for anyone to be less than their best. I am currently in a different regimen of therapy from different health care professionals and am looking forward to concentrating on the restoration of my health."
Joe Owmby, an assistant Harris County district attorney who is chief of the office's police integrity division, says Rosenthal notified his staff of his resignation by e-mail hours before the press release was issued.

"It's kind of sad, so you don't know how to react," says Owmby, who has worked in the office with Rosenthal for 20 years. "I thought he would be here until the end of the year, because that's all he communicated to us. But I can understand the change in circumstances."
Rosenthal sent his letter to Gov. Rick Perry, according to the press release, who will have to appoint Rosenthal's replacement. In the interim, Bert Graham, the first assistant Harris County DA, will be in charge of the office.

"I'm the temporary caretaker, so to speak," Graham says. "I have to make the approvals and disapprovals that the district attorney made until the governor appoints somebody."

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