Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hardly Shakespeare

Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou Romeo?

Here I am!

That's him Officers, arrest him!

Romeo robber's downfall

A romantic robber who fell in love with the woman cashier at a post office he robbed was caught after he went back to ask her for a date.

Bruno Perez, 31, forced Lucia Marcelo, 21, to hand over the money at gun point at the post office in Genoa - but could not get her out of his head.

So the next day he bought a large bunch of flowers with some of the money and returned to the scene of the crime to apologise - and ask her for a date.

But his lady love kept him talking while she activated a silent alarm connected to the police station - and he was arrested minutes later.

A police spokesman said: "It seems he could not resist coming back to ask her out, even though he knew the risks."