Monday, February 11, 2008

The Godfather Part XII

Talk about shades of the Godfather. Really, its like the Godfather, Analyze This, and the movie Eraser rolled into one and is real.

They even name consiglieres.

FBI's Gambino informant skips town, leaving pregnant wife in the dark

Joseph Vollaro ratted on the mob and ran - failing to inform his wife, Trisha (below), pregnant with twins, about what he was doing or where he was going.
DelMundo for News

The mob rat whose secret recordings devastated the Gambino crime family abandoned his pregnant wife without a word about his double life - or his future plans.
Trisha Vollaro, who's carrying twins, learned about her husband's FBI undercover work only after word of the sweeping indictment became public last week.
By then, he already had betrayed her.

"If you woke up one morning and this bomb was dropped on you, how would you feel?" Trisha Vollaro's sister asked Saturday.

Joseph Vollaro walked out on his wife without any luggage, conversation or compassion, his sister-in-law said. "He said, 'I'm leaving' - and he left," she said.

Trisha Vollaro remains unsure of her husband's whereabouts. He could be under federal witness protection; but if so, he opted to go without his wife and unborn children.
The Staten Island trucking company owner disappeared more than a week ago. Before taking off, he sold a cement business for $1.8 million, records show.

The couple lived in a large house, its front yard enclosed behind an ornate iron fence inscribed with the letter V. Joseph Vollaro loved singing and speedboating, and owned a 40-foot craft dubbed "Cat in the Act."

Last year, the Vollaros won the Best Dressed Crew award at a Florida speedboat competition. In a photo, they appear happy.
But Vollaro also had served 16 months in a New Jersey jail in the late 1990s and did 37 months in federal prison on extortion charges, meeting Gambino capo Nicholas Corozzo behind bars.
Vollaro began doing business with the Gambinos when he got out of prison, then flipped on them about three years ago after he got involved in a drug deal.

He will emerge someday to testify against acting boss John (Jackie Nose) D'Amico, consigliere Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo, Nicholas Corozzo and others.
He may also have to face his disgusted wife. His sister-in-law, who declined to give her name, said despite his misdeeds there was never any spillover into his domestic life.

"The truth is he was one of the best people I know," she said. "There wasn't one thing I could ask for that he wouldn't do for me."

She said her family was rallying around Trisha: "Good, bad or otherwise, we will stand together and be as strong as we can."

She insisted the couple had been happy and that her sister was unaware of her husband's secret life - a claim reinforced by a family friend.

"She doesn't know nothing about nothing," the man said before driving Trisha Vollaro off in a red Corvette. "You think wiseguys tell their wives anything?"